Meet the Apprentices #BeTheFuture

Do you want to know what it's really like to be an apprentice? Watch the videos below to hear all about the day-to-day experiences of local apprentices.

James' story

James is a level 3 multi-skill maintenance apprentice at Marstons and is keen to keep progressing with the company. He likes the mixture of theory and practical application of his learning, and he has always loved fixing things so this role is perfect for him.

Jamie's story

Jamie is an Engineering Apprentice with Liberty HG in Willenhall. He started on a level 2, but has now progressed to a level 3 with the support of the company. He likes the combination of practical work and learning at College – and the opportunity to develop and earn more money.

Natalie's story

Natalie works in the Costing department at Liberty HG, on an Engineering in Manufacturing Operations Apprenticeship. Although she’d never considered Engineering before, she is a great example of the opportunities that are available through apprenticeships to develop your skills and progress into a fulfilling career.

Tia’s story

Tia's story – Tia is a Level 2 Engineering Apprentice at Liberty HG. She didn’t want to go to university and preferred to start earning money whilst developing skills for her future career. She was initially concerned about being a female in engineering, but says that everyone has been really supportive.

Bernadette's story

Bernadette is doing a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Hospitality with Marstons. At 42, she wasn’t aware that apprenticeships would be open to her for a career change, but she loves the challenge of earning while learning and being able to progress with the company.

James's story

James never wanted to go to university after A Levels and found his perfect role in Credit Control with Marstons. He loves being treated as a respected part of the team and feeling independent, and thinks everyone should consider an apprenticeship.

Michelle's story

Michelle was 40 and a single mom with no work experience and no educational background. She’s just completed her level 3 apprenticeship, is considering a level 4, and is employed full-time with Wolverhampton Homes. As she says, you’re never too old.