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If you sign up to Workbox, you’ll receive regular updates on local job opportunities, tailored to your preferences. Meanwhile, you can follow the tips below from our experts at Wolves at Work to help you get started.

Tips for jobsearching

What: What kind of work are you looking for?

Think about what experience you have, skills, qualifications. Are you good working with other people? or are you better working by yourself? Can you do shift patterns, late or early hours? Think about the conditions for instance indoor/outdoor environments, long hours, and the physical requirements of the job. What sector do you want to work in? Your job search should reflect this and your applications should mirror your abilities.

Where: Where should you start looking?

Online resources are a great place to start, and Workbox can point you in the direction of vacancies specifically in the local area, but don’t limit your search to popular websites such as Indeed, CV-library etc. Have a look at some of the employers appearing in the results and go directly to their websites where you may find other opportunities from them. Consider other such as checking local and major employer websites in the city directly. Also try speculative applications such as approaching employers directly, dropping off a CV to the manager. This approach is particularly effective in certain sectors such as retail and hospitality but may not be as effective in other sectors. Other useful methods include word of mouth and registering and maintaining contact with recruitment agencies. Following on from what sector you want to work in, conduct an internet search for jobsites in that sector, for example searching for admin will bring up jobsites such as WMjobs, civil service jobs etc.

Why: Why that employer / job sector?

Do you have particular skills that they are looking for? Have you researched if your skillset and personality match the employers’ needs and if you are actually suited for that role or that company?

To have a sense of what the employer is looking for it is important to research, which you can do easily by going on to company websites. Learning what is important to a company and paying particular attention to the job description. It's no use trying to impress employers if you have very little sense of what their preferences are.

If you have researched effectively and found a job and company that match your skills and personality, this will aid you in exploring career goals and attaining greater satisfaction in your work.

Who: Who are you looking for?

Are you searching for local employers in your city who are recruiting and also checking neighbouring areas i.e. Birmingham, Dudley, Walsall. The key is not to limit your job search, broadening your search will open more opportunities for you.

An area of job searching that isn’t utilised as much is Social Media. Everyone uses a form of Social Media but not everyone uses it to look for work. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can be a good way to get job listings before they are listed elsewhere. You can promote yourself on Social Media highlighting your skills and experience, showcasing yourself to a wider audience using the tools that are readily available for free for job seekers. Companies are increasingly using social media for recruiting, some companies recruit exclusively on Social Media.

When: What hours do you want to work? Would varying shift patterns suit you?

Jobs and apprenticeships are available all year round. However think about seasonal vacancies and when to apply for them. For instance, if you are searching in and around the Christmas period there will be a lot more vacancies available to apply for which means you need to be ready to apply for them and know where to find them.

Many people rush at a job search and apply for roles they have little interest in or are unlikely to be shortlisted for. Not only will this pretty much guarantee rejection, it will dampen your confidence. Slow down, take time to evaluate your qualities and are they suitable for the jobs that you are applying for.

Find hidden vacancies

Many jobs can be landed before they are advertised if you can get in quickly. If you are already working, and looking for a new opportunity then look into internal recruitment.

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