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As an employer, you can get information, advice and guidance for your business.

Skills, recruitment and redundancy support

We provide a dedicated workforce recruitment service to ensure you find the right people. We also work with education and training partners across the city to develop the skills and employment needs of your existing and future workforce.

Find local skills and training

Are you looking for training to grow your employees.

Invest and grow

Over £3.7 billion investment creating £500 million opportunities is transforming the City of Wolverhampton, making it one of the best locations in the country to invest.

Wolves at Work

Wolves at Work business services are committed to helping you find the right staff first time, every time.

Apprenticeships for employers

The City of Wolverhampton is committed to improve the take up of Apprenticeships in Wolverhampton. Find out more about how an apprentice can benefit your business.

Apprenticeship levy for employers

Employers in England who pay the levy will be able to get out more than they pay in, through a 10% top-up to their online accounts.

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