Choosing a career

Unsure which career path to take...

Here you will find a selection of career profiles available to you!

Choosing a career

The National Careers Service has a wide range of job profiles. Below are a few examples...


As well as RSPCA officers and veterinarians RSPCA also have jobs for scientists, journalists, administrators, fundraisers, campaigners, IT specialists and more.


There are over 200 different roles in the Army. Each comes with its own challenges and rewards.


There are a wide range of careers open to you if you have an interest in the visual arts.

Business, consulting and management

They help businesses solve problems and find better ways to do things, and also help businesses find ways to save money.


Care is a very rewarding career and can offer you excellent opportunities with hours which can be flexible to suit your circumstances.


From kitchen porter to operations manager, the list of jobs in hospitality is almost endless

Civil Service

An opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives, learning on the job and flexible working hours.

Go Construct

Lots of different job areas such as forklift drivers, plasterers, plumbers, welding fabricator, scaffolder and many more.

Education and training

Many jobs in education and training are about using your communication skills and knowledge to help people to develop and learn.

Environment and agriculture

Many careers in Agriculture and Forestry will place workers in food production environments, including farms, hatcheries, and nurseries. In addition, some careers may place employees in wild environments that are involved in commodity production, including forests, rivers, mountains, and natural other areas.

Financial Services

The UK has a large financial services industry, with many different job roles. To be within the financial industry you’d to need have good organisational skills, business sense and be good with numbers to do these jobs, you also need people skills too.

Fire Service

Firefighters make up the majority of the workforce in the Fire Service but they also have a whole range of other professions and careers to embark on too.


Is a sociable working environment, there are plenty of exciting opportunities within this industry including; hotels, bars and restaurants.


Affordable housing needs people who will manage it and provide the services that its customers need. This is where the housing professional comes in.


There are a lot of options available to anybody who is wanting to work in the IT Industry, such as; IT Administrator, Data Inputter, IT Support, Software Programmers etc.

Legal services

There are lots of roles within the Legal Industry such as; Solicitor, Barristers, Judges, Ushers etc.

Manufacturing and Engineering

This choice of career has a lot of different paths you can take. In some of the jobs good creative and practical skills are helpful, where as in others you need to be good at science and maths.

Marketing and Advertising

There are 24 job roles within this area. All are within varied areas such as, graphic artist, event manager, producer and many more.


As well as being interested in working with people you’ll need strong ability in science subjects including chemistry and biology.


Working in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines isn’t just a job. It’s a way of life – full of excitement, travel, camaraderie and career opportunities.

Nursery Nurse/Child Care

You could work as a nursery nurse or a nursery assistant and you'll work mainly with young children.

Performing arts, broadcasting and media

You could be working in film, TV, theatre. Artistic areas or music.


There are many different roles within the police force such emergency call handler, financial investigator, and many more

Post Office

Job opportunities within Royal Mail, Parcel Force and GLS.

Retail and Customer Services

Main skills you need in this job area are communication skills, being polite and a good knowledge around products. These roles involve selling services or products to customers.

Royal Air Force

There are more than 50 roles within the Royal Air Force many of which offer apprenticeships with many outstanding opportunities.

Royal Family

Can include job roles such as a telephone operator, security officer and retail assistant.

Social Services

Social work is a profession that is centre around people – from babies through to older people.

Sports, leisure and tourism / Sport England

There are a variety of job roles within this section such as Lifeguards, Personal Trainer, Health and Fitness Manager.


To get into teaching all depends on the individuals qualifications, circumstances and the age you group you are wanting to teach.


Includes all modes of travel such as, buses, taxis, trains and lorries. For many of the job roles you would need good concentration skills, customer service skills and organisational skills.


Veterinary surgery is a popular careers choice with a broad range of possibilities. Vets work in private clinical practice, teaching, research, government, public health, the military and private industry.

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