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How to make a good impression at an interview


Generally, you should:

  • answer questions clearly and concisely;
  • ask relevant, thought-provoking questions at appropriate moments, as this can show that you're genuinely interested in the role and really listening to the interviewer;
  • avoid talking about any personal problems;
  • be as enthusiastic as possible;
  • be well-mannered with any staff that you meet before the interview;
  • display positive body language, speaking clearly, smiling frequently and retaining eye contact;
  • don't badmouth any previous employers;
  • give a firm handshake to your interviewer(s) before and after;
  • highlight your best attributes, experiences and achievements, based around the skills that you've identified as important to the organisation, and evidencing them with practical examples;
  • inform your interviewer(s) that you're available to answer any follow-up questions;
  • let your personality shine;
  • relax and sit naturally, but without slouching in your chair or leaning on the desk;
  • show your hands, as this is a sign of honesty;
  • wear smart business attire with comfortable, polished shoes.