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Thank you for your interest in The Amethyst Sixth Form, we hope the information on these pages gives you a thorough insight into what we offer. We are delighted to be part of our flourishing Sixth Form as part of the Amethyst Academy Trust from 2017 and hope you choose to join us and build on our previous successes and strengths.

As part of the Amethyst Academy Trust, the Sixth Form is a popular for many of our Year 11 leavers from both Aldersley and Moreton School, but increasingly attractive to students from the wider community. It is our belief that every student’s learning journey with us is not simply about an excellent set of exam results but that every student is ready for university and every student is a leader. As teachers and leaders in the school, we endeavour to provide the opportunities that enable this and all of our students continue to flourish and be successful after they leave The Amethyst Sixth Form.

Miss Amy-Leigh Harris (Head of Amethyst Sixth Form) Mr Matthew Keates (Vice Principal KS5)

About Us

The Amethyst Sixth Form is a collaborative partnership, forged in 2017 between two of the Amethyst Trust Schools: Aldersley High School and Moreton School. From September 2017 Sixth Form provision for both schools will be on the Aldersley High School site for Year 12.

The Amethyst Sixth Form also works closely with other Wolverhampton Schools as part of a wider consortium partnership, to provide additional courses which are not part of the current curriculum offer at Post 16 on our site.
A state of the art building has been planned and building work is due to begin during this academic year to house the Amethyst Sixth Form from September 2018 and beyond.

Our Vision

Achievement - The Amethyst Sixth Form will offer the independence of Further Education within the structure of a highly successful school and growing trust. The guiding principle will be for everyone to succeed and achieve their full potential through hard work.

Collaboration - The Amethyst Sixth Form will be a collaborative sixth form with academic excellence at its core; it will be rooted in the spirit of cooperation, trust and mutual respect and the life chances of all learners will be enhanced.

Enrichment - An inspiring and specialised team of staff will empower and support students to become well-rounded individuals who love learning and are confident in their own abilities. Students will also be highly motivated, resilient, independent and creative thinkers who are proud to be ambassadors of the Amethyst Trust.

Post 16 Careers Support - Impartial advice, information and guidance is available from the school Student Development Manager, Mrs Tracey Barnes. All students receive twice yearly interviews to ascertain career aspirations and provide support with applications to jobs, University or apprenticeships. Careers fairs are held at Parent Consultation events and representatives from school are available to support UCAS applications at these events also.

What we can offer you

Along with an academic and vocational curriculum offer; the Amethyst Sixth Form also offers pastoral support and an extensive careers programme. All students receive twice yearly interviews to ascertain career aspirations and provide support with applications to jobs, University or apprenticeships.

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