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We are very proud of the opportunities that we can offer you and will always work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcomes for every student at the Academy. During our recent Ofsted inspection, our 6th Form was judged as ‘GOOD’, with “good leadership making sure that systems to check students’ achievement are used by all teachers”. Ofsted 2015. I want Academy graduates to be competent, confident young people with high self- esteem, high levels of skills and a clear sense of their personal responsibilities both for themselves and to others. Above all, I want all our students to enjoy their time with us, be happy and achieve success in all that they do. The Academy will provide access to new and exciting ways of learning and excellent teaching at Post 16. Our broad range of curricular and extracurricular activities will ensure that all members of our academy and our local community are able to engage in learning programmes that help support their needs and aspirations and realise their goals.

Our recent Ofsted inspection stated “the effectiveness of the sixth form is good, with students achieving well as a result of good teaching”. At NEWA6 we have one clear aim for all our students: maximise your potential. All our students deserve a challenging and enriching academic curriculum which will enable them to grow as both learners and adults. We aim to offer a bespoke range of courses which are all tailored to providing students with the skills, expertise and talent to succeed at both University and the world of work. All of our students secured a place at their first or second choice university. Several students progressed into apprenticeships with some going into work related college courses. Our students achieved a pass rate at full A Level of 98% with over 55% gaining the highest grades of A* - C.

North East Wolverhampton Academy

In 2015 our BTEC students achieved an average grade of Distinction. We believe we can aspire to achieve great things at NEWA6. Not just academically but holistically to ensure our students can adapt to an ever changing society and become responsible future citizens.

What we can offer you

At NEWA6 we believe in fostering and supporting all learners. A key part of our academic support programme is the role of Academic Mentors in supporting and developing students. Our mentors are graduate specialists from all curriculum areas so no matter what; your child can receive expert advice and coaching. Every Year 13 student has a scheduled Academic Mentoring session in which they are given bespoke guidance and support with their courses. This enables all students to receive customised support in order to maximise their potential and realise their grades. The Academic Mentoring Programme is central to boosting self- esteem and academic confidence, and developing confident young people.

NEWA6 life also has an important role in the development of personal and social skills. Our Sixth Form Centre has shared and private study spaces for revision; laptop trolley to support learning and a designated Study Centre where students can receive support from our mentoring team. We encourage responsible, independent learning and expect all our students to work hard to maximise their potential. It is this ethos that enables students to thrive and then as a result enjoy life at NEWA6. There is a strong NEWA6 Steering Group who organise events to add colour and excitement to NEWA6 life including foreign travel, local and national experiences and celebration events. All NEWA6 students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through participating in sporting and cultural events, provide community service, engaging in work experience and working alongside Academy staff supporting younger students. Our sense of charity is second to none, with regular events being held to raise money for charities such as Team Margot and Children in Need.

The NEWA6 Team are committed to offering the best possible information, advice and guidance to all of our Year 12 and Year 13 students. As a result all students receive one lesson of Information, Advice and Guidance per week. Advice is always available from members of staff but it will also be available from a number of industry experts that we will bring in to the Academy, alternatively we will take students on university and career based trips. Over the past year we have provided guest speakers on topics such as choosing a university, what degree courses students should be applying for, and student finance. We have also had career based advice from apprenticeship talks and industry talks where guests have come in and explained to our students about their industry and the processes and next steps required for each area. The element of guidance comes from all that we do in providing and enabling students to access the information and advice. Through drop in sessions, lessons, and detailed information shared between Academic Mentors and the NEWA6 Team, we aim to support our students in whatever their choices are during and after their time at the North East Wolverhampton Academy.

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