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ESOL Stories

ESOL Stories

Discover how ESOL has helped some of our residents

Adult Education Wolverhampton

Adult Education helps people from all over the world to achieve ESOL qualifications and to get their skills recognised in a friendly environment

“I want to be an interpreter”
Find out how ESOL can help you achieve your goals
“I want to get a GCSE in English”
ESOL can help you progress to other qualifications

Wolverhampton Learning Platform

Bilston Resource Centre can help you improve your computer skills and life skills, and prepare you for finding a job as well as learning English

“I’m working and doing ESOL two days a week”
ESOL allows you to study and work at the same time
“I got all the help I needed to find a job I like”
Patient & understanding ESOL teachers supporting you

Wolverhampton Learning Communities

Learning Communities offer friendly ESOL classes in the community which can help you improve your English, make friends and prepare for work

“I learned where to go to volunteer”
ESOL can prepare you for work
“I like the staff, I like my friends, I like the programme”
Improve your skills and make friends

Wolverhampton Learning Platform

RMC can support you to learn English and help you to settle in Wolverhampton

“ESOL helped me apply for jobs”
Improve your reading and writing skills
“Learning English will improve my life”
ESOL can support you to be independent