Reece's case study

Reece's story

Reece's story

"Since leaving school aged 15/16 years old I have completed various college courses including brick laying, carpentry and a football course. I have worked with a friend for a bit of cash in hand but never had a proper job."

"Whilst visiting the job centre I saw an advert/leaflet on the side and asked for my name to be put forward for the Fast Track into Construction programme."

"The programme provided me with a Level 1 qualification in Health and Safety in Construction Environment and other training which enabled me to go on a construction site. It was then I was able to show people what I could do, I knew I wanted to work outside; I couldn’t be stuck in an office all day. Without the programme I would probably still be going to the job centre looking for work."

"The programme has given me the opportunity to meet new people, I have gained confidence and more importantly found work with Profence."


"Since completing the Fast Track into Construction programme I have got a job with Profence, which is a massive achievement, my dad is really pleased. I now earn my own money and I have been able to buy a car and pay towards the up keep of the house by giving my dad board and I have money to go out with my friends." Find out more about Fast Track into Construction .

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