Manjit's case study

Manjit's story

Manjit's story

Manjit Singh, 32 years of age was successful in gaining a two-year apprenticeship on the Fast Track into Construction programme with Kier in plumbing.

Manjit Singh left school at 16 and went to college to pursue a career in health & social care. By the time Manjit had completed the two year course he had decided that a career in health & social care was not for him and found work in a factory.

Since then he has been in and out of work and has worked in various roles within manufacturing and construction.

Unfortunately, Manjit was made redundant and had been out of work for about a year and was finding it very difficult to find work. He went on a Warehousing programme and gained a fork lift licence but found that employers would not take him on because he had no experience.

Most of Manjit's previous employment had been on site labouring and he was interested in learning a trade and in September 2016 he was referred to the Fast Track into Construction Programme by his Work Coach at the Job Centre. On the Recruitment Event, there were over forty applicants for the programme and only fourteen places available. However, this was something he wanted to do and it was an opportunity to do some plumbing and carpentry which he was interested in pursuing as a career. Furthermore, there was an opportunity of a guaranteed job interview with Kier and this was very appealing.

Manjit managed to get a place and successfully completed the programme. At the interview, he impressed the interviewers from Kier with his passion, attitude and commitment. Because of his performance on the programme and interview Kier offered him a two-year apprenticeship in plumbing.

Manjit commenced his apprenticeship in February 2017. Manjit said:

"The Fast Track into Construction programme has been great for me and provided an opportunity at 32 years of age to gain an apprenticeship with Kier and pursue a career in plumbing. I am now very positive about my future having been out of work for so long."


Abdul Mozzamdar, Kier Early Careers Manager, added: "We supported this initiative as we felt that it would be beneficial to us and our sub-contractor partners to widen our talent pool when looking for skilled workers on site."

"As a result of the initiative, 2 trainees have now successfully secured employment with our sub-contractor partners and Kier employed another candidate, Manjit Singh, as an apprentice Plumber, this is something we will consider supporting again in the future as it has been beneficial for all involved."

"Manjit is progressing very well and has adapted to site life very quickly. He is keen and enthusiastic and very grateful for the opportunity and the support he has received from all involved in the project, he has a very bright future in the industry."

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