Arthur's case study

Arthur's story

Arthur's story

Arthur Collins had worked as a Tool Setter for most of his working life until he was made redundant in 2004 by Atlas Bolt where he worked. He then had an operation which meant that due to ill health he was on Incapacity Benefit until 2015. As Arthur's health got better he was declared fit for work and moved on to Job Seekers Allowance. However he had been out of the job market for along time and did not have up-to-date skills, qualifications or experience and was finding it hard to find work.

He saw an Advisor at Bilston Resource Centre who suggested that he join the Fast Track into Construction course and Arthur thought this was a good idea as he wanted to get the CSCS Card which would enable to work on a construction site. Arthur registered for the programme which commenced in September 2015.

"The Fast Track into Construction programme helped me to overcome my barriers to gain the confidence, new skills, qualifications and work experience which enabled me to find work with Comau a multinational company."

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