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A Question of Care

Is a career in care right for you?

When deciding on a career we ask ourselves many questions:

  • Will I enjoy that type of work?
  • Am I the right sort of person to do this work?
  • Am I suited to this sort of work?
  • What does it involve?

A “Question of Care”

A Question of Care is a short survey which can help you determine if Career in Care is right for you. It will ask you questions about yourself and the roles you want to do and tell you more about a career in care. You will also get a detailed personal profile once you have completed so make sure you answer all of the questions truthfully.

It doesn’t have all the answers but it’s a great place to start in your care career journey.

So don’t forget to visit A Question of Care to start your journey.

Now visit the careers into care page to discover different roles in care