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Career Progression


Once you have been working in the care environment and have gained experience you may now want to take your career to the next level. You can progress from a carer or support worker to a senior carer or support worker, which would give you further training opportunities and responsibility. You may want to move from a frontline position to an operational one such as HR, compliance, recruitment or a care co-ordinator. You can also look at working towards a qualified position such as becoming a nurse or a social worker by going back into full time education.

How you develop your career to the next level is up to you and what you are passionate about, but the possibilities are endless. You could consider setting up your own care agency or you may want to mentor others or try a graduate opportunity. Alternatively, talk to your employer about becoming an iCare Ambassador or visit the Skills for Care website for more information.

Visit the Skills for Care website for information about roles and career opportunities, as well as, graduate opportunities.